Web Services

We offer a wide range of complementary professional services, associated with our solutions.

Customized solutions

An online presence requires maximum attention to details, a perfectly functional project but also a fresh content that denotes professionalism towards clients.

Our technical assistance team can be of great help in keeping online projects active and functional, so that they can keep up with the clients' business.

What we can achieve

  • Web Outsourcing

    Services strictly addressed to clients who understand the benefits of outsourcing: efficiency, low costs, strict deadlines and top specialists.

  • Professional Web Hosting

    We offer professional web hosting services: SSD hosting, through our own, ultra-fast servers, available in various configurations.

  • Web/Marketing Technical Audit

    We provide consulting services on the web side as well as online marketing: from strategy to implementation, from visitors to customers.

  • Web maintenance

    We provide update, improvement and web development services for active projects to keep them always up-to-date.

  • Photo-Video Services

    We offer a complex range of services in the field of professional digital and panoramic photography, harmoniously combining technology and creativity.

  • Implementation of the GDPR/CCPA Rules and Regulations

    Through our GDP Shield company outsourced services, we intermediate the provision of full compliance with the international legislation on the confidentiality, protection and security of personal data.

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Media Serv Support
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