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Ever since 2004, we have made ourselves actively present in the market through a dynamic and creative team which offers trully professional services, "thinking outside of the box" and different perspectives in approaching the projects we are involved with.

Now, after 20 years of evolution, we are much further, more experienced, more efficient and motivated, but equally passionate about technology development and the digital world in general.

Who are we?

More than an ordinary "web agency"

In the background of the Media Serv brand stands a passionate team of web specialists with impressive experience and deep roots in the digital ecosystem.

Smiling and positive, we are trully dedicated to each and every client, we use the accumulated experience to creatively further our endeavours, to fuel each project with original ideas, and to make them outstanding in the online environment.

What we offer?

First of all, respect and seriousness.

We understand that people are the soul of any business, that's why we always give them our full and undivided attention.

Regardless of the stage of execution of your project, we undertake communicate clearly, to listen first and then act effectively, to ensure that the results exceed expectations.

For us, the objectives remained the same as in the beginning of our business: focus on performance and measurable results, creativity and customization, and on continuous evolution.

Custom Solutions

We are proud of our team's ability to understand the most delicate challenges faced by our clients' businesses, and also of our talent to find the optimal solutions that will creatively combine technology and marketing with online business.

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We like challenges because they always awaken new ambitions that we materialize creatively and efficiently for our clients.

For each project, we communicate clearly and transparently, we set realistic goals and implement them, we use digital marketing tools effectively and deliver on time, in order to achieve results beyond expectations and guaranteed success.

  • Experienced team

    After 20 years of challenges, we are just as smiling, positive and ambitious.

    The experience accumulated over time makes us believe that no project is too complex for us.

  • Full services

    We offer complete branding, web and digital marketing services to position our clients' brands as far forward as possible and achieve their commercial objectives.

  • Customized solutions

    No, we don't "work with templates", we make everything personalized and memorable, because for us each client is unique, and that's the only way they will become outstanding in the online environment.

  • Measurable results

    From strategy to implementation, we pay attention to every detail and strive to always deliver what we promise.

    Rezultatele obtinute pentru clientii nostri sunt vizibile si performante.


Career Opportunities

Periodically, we open the doors to expand our team with new colleagues who are passionate about digital marketing and web & mobile development.

If you have a solid technical background and share the same passions, check our active jobs area, you might find yourself in one and we could make a good team together :)

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